Public sparring and competition
------Pound for pound half of our first year students are able to win over other students with decades of training.

reflex drill
Chris (red shirt) sparr at cerito park open spar meet with host
world champs demonstrated
James (white shirt trained a yr) vs challenger (5yr master)
arrow step
James (2yrs) kick down ring bully and got Gold medal in ICMAC
jeff all black (3yrs) vs outsider chalenger (5yrs)
Iron Shin
Jun (shortter) well fought but were not given credit for, since judge is from other team.
Chi Gong
Pacquial(black) trained 5mos) got Gold medal from ICMAC
Lim Tao
Pacquiel(black 4mos) spar karate instructor at open spar meet at Irvine
Triangle block
Rodney kick down and punch 3 times to stomach of tought Hungar master,

Rodney's sticky hand competition at ICMAC, He got silver medal, many strike were not allowed
Rodney got the silver medal for this event; It was a very confusing experience! Rules were adjusted along the event! Rodney asked the judge if kicks are allowed in sticky hand competition just before it start. The judge answered:” yes!”, as Rodney threw his first kick, then the judge said:” no, no kicks!”.  He was also deducted points for using shoulder attack, and his foot shoveling attack between other guys legs. Much of his short strikes from rolling hand position are not counted! One of the 4 judges is on the same team as the other competitor as you can see; we don’t have a judge on our side. The judges don’t recognize all these strikes because it is not in their “Wing Chun”. You can see from the previous clip how he does his “Wing Chun”.
Rodney had done a great job with only knowing the direct attack in chi sao, against a much more experience opponent, which he demonstrated that is more than enough to handle most people. Rodney was trained to use throws when being grabbed, but he was not sure it would be against the rules; he was holding back a lot for being unfamiliar with the “rules”. Wing Chun is being criticized for impractical today, thanks to these people for it. There should be one rule: who ever scored a hit is a point. This is only way to match up to reality. Most people can not generate power in short distance, so they think it can’t be done, and ignore it.
Rodney had done a great job as a pioneer to let others feel our competitiveness in both sticky hand, and free sparring, and to make new friends, you deserve a gold medal!