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岑能打小念头(第1課),当年的咏春大师岑能于50年代以真功夫打擂枱, 签生死状战而打出广东4大名师之一,80年代受国家体委重邀而代表咏春派上电视,史無前例地公开其秘传真功夫,国家体委更以其演示为咏春标本,岑能之名也立于档按,可查国立戓佛山市傅物馆。岑能大师于电视受访讲述得意之徒黄智铧更将师祖阮奇山名振江湖的寸劲碎板、無影脚,铁指功,及飞缥还原于世,重现江湖,更以生死搏击而技服美国上至各名掌门,各类冠軍,下至亍头拦命而闻名中美. 其従孙时为美国总统雷根近身卫士.

Sum Neng demonstrated Sil lim Tao, The Legendary Wing Chun master Sum Neng had fight his way to became one of the top 4 kf masters of Southern China through many death contracted tournaments, and countless street fights, earned his name “iron arm” during the 50’s and 60’s.

Later in 1979, It was the first time ever, the Chinese Central Government Athletic department pay a large sum of money to invite master Sum for a live interview and demonstration of his long kept secret real fighting Wing Chun skill on public television. His skill was set as a standard for Wing Chun and documented in Central and local Government museum.

During the interview, master Sum Neng talked about how he started foolishly copying others to practice kung fu at age 12, and end up hurting himself. Later, he was fortunely accepted, and studied under the legendary Yuen Kay San, it changed his whole life.

He also mentioned his favorite student Tom Wong had reinvented Yuen Kay San’s famous skill, such as the “shadow-less kick, one inch breaking, iron finger, throwing darts…etc. And one of his second-generation students was then president Ronald Regan’s personal bodyguard.

SLTSum Neng demonstrate SLT part 1. 
SLT 2Sum Neng demonstrate SLT part 2
SLT 3Sum Neng demonstrate SLT part 3
Air DummySum Neng demonstrate air dummy form