Teaches the Secrets of Ng Mui's Wing Chun Kung Fu and Desui (Dog Boxing) Kung Fu for Health and Self Defense. Since 1989, he has served as the Chief Instructor for the Yuen Kay San and Sum Neng lineage of Wing Chun, as well as the Chen Yi Jiu lineage of Desui (Dog Boxing) outside of China.

Some Thoughts on Andrew's Fighting Video

Tom Wong Student
Tom Wong Student
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Andrews fight clips showed how we are taught to understand all the different ranges and the different possibilities of technique and combinations that can be used to deal with our opponents. In his video he shows how the pre engagement can lead into sticky hands then into throws/grappling techniques. The understanding of all the ranges is important to deal with the unknown of any opponent so we can adapt like snake/water. That is one example that shows the quality and difference of our Wing Chun compared to others that I have observed, that specialize at a certain range.

My personal understanding of our kung fu is a lot deeper than what I expected as a new student. The applications and concept have a unique quality and depth that I never knew existed. We are all very lucky to learn such valuable knowledge and learn under a great master to whom I am truly thankful. The way we are taught is worlds away from what I have observed in other places. Patience in my opinion is a quality that is important to learn our kind of kung fu in combination with an open mind, will and drive to work hard in order to weave all of the knowledge of our teachings into who we are. I think of it as taking baby steps to walk correctly first in order to be lead down the path of true understanding and skill. Everything we are taught from our drills, sparring, technique analysis to combat strategies or even practicing combat scenarios for videos teach us that there are so many variables to consider in combat and with our kung fu the applications/combinations can be infinite.

When I train solo, I concentrate on specific things to practice. Then I ask myself why? I always remember what we are taught and the reasons behind everything and how each little detail serves a big purpose, whether it be for health or for combat. I personally always try to completely focus and train hard so one day if we become teachers, we can pass down exactly what our teacher taught us showing full respect keeping high standards without watering anything down. That is how I think we can do our part to keep the true art alive. Everything Sifu teaches us made me come to the realization that with our kung fu the sky is the limit…it just depends on how high you’re willing to fly!