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Deadly Triangle Choke

Tom Wong Student
Tom Wong Student
Cover for Deadly Triangle Choke

There are many ways to strangle an opponent. The choke that is commonly known as the “Arm Triangle Choke” is when the opponent is side mounted and trapped with one arm above the head, while the person executing the technique applies a pressured lock that limits the oxygen and stops the blood flow through the Corrupted Artery causing unconsciousness and possibly even death. This choke is effective and dangerous. It is crucial to know how to escape incase you find yourself stuck in this potentially lethal situation.

When applying the arm triangle choke say from the side mount position, it is important to make sure that the opponents arm is raised in order to apply the choke effectively. One arm loops around the opponent almost like a hug hooking around above the upper shoulder behind the neck like a pillow, while at the same time the side of the your head and shoulder helps trap the opponents arm raised above while the other hand grasps and holds the wrist locking the choke tightly in position. The persons raised arm allows their own shoulder to cut of circulation through the Corrupted Artery while the arm that is looped around the rear of the neck helps finish the job when fully secure and locked in place with the help of the other hand..

One way to apply extra pressure to the technique making the choke even more effective, raise the body off the ground while maintaining stable balance like doing a wider legged pushup, and once the choke is sunken in tight, push the entire body with the toes towards the opponents head in order to apply added pressure to the choke. Somebody who does not know how to escape will certainly lose consciousness. There are 3 out of 10 ways we learned to escape the arm triangle choke. The first escape I’m going to cover explains the alignment and the twisting towards the opponent in order to create space for oxygen and circulation. Say if opponent got you in a side mount and locks the arm triangle with your right arm raised, you can try twisting out by using your left foot on the ground pushing entire body aligning in a more parallel position to your opponent while twisting towards your entire body opponent in order to loosen the choke. The Second option is to roll in a cradled position almost like doing a reverse roll but in a more perpendicular angle away from the opponent. If the person rolling doesn’t have a strong enough core to cradle up, holding the leg with the free hand can help keep the body tucked when rolling. The only thing I see that can make this technique a little risky, is the fact that if the person applying the choke knows how to ride and follow the person’s energy it can possibly lead to a rear naked choke. It’s much better to create a second chance rather than passing out. The third technique if say choked in the same position, try to align body and hook the closest leg underneath the opponents closest leg, limiting the opponents movement while helping you sweep the opponent twisting the opposite direction forcing the opponent to roll over your body allowing you to now have your opponent on a side mounted position with you at the top. Once again doors of opportunity open up.

The tide battle can change in seconds. Knowing these techniques made me realize that if put in a tough situation like being locked in a side mounted triangle choke, there are ways to survive and change the momentum of the fight in your favor. You never know, this knowledge can possibly save somebody’s life one day. I can never be thankful enough for all of the knowledge passed to all of us. Thanks again.