Teaches the Secrets of Ng Mui's Wing Chun Kung Fu and Desui (Dog Boxing) Kung Fu for Health and Self Defense. Since 1989, he has served as the Chief Instructor for the Yuen Kay San and Sum Neng lineage of Wing Chun, as well as the Chen Yi Jiu lineage of Desui (Dog Boxing) outside of China.

Sum Neng Wing Chun and the Magician

Danniel Gomez
Danniel Gomez
Cover for Sum Neng Wing Chun and the Magician

Since 1980 I studied Sum Neng Wing Chun, De Su(chinese ground fighting) and WuDong chi-gung under Sifu Tom Wong. Despite my study, i'm far from understanding Sifu Wong's knowledge. The more I study the more I realized how little I knew about martial arts. From my boxing training to the chi-gung healing and power I came a long way to realize it was not only punching and kicking anymore. From my own sparring and lessons with Sifu Wong to watching him send Big Kirk Gloss who was an 8 times wrestling champion [6'4", 220lbs.] flying across the room and pinned to the ground I thought it was Sifu's diet that caused it. I knew Kirk felt the same way. One day we were at Kirk's house. Kirk and I were so shocked witnessing Sifu breaking boards with the power of the one-inch punch. Kirk could not wait to tell his friend Jesus who was the East coast kickboxing champion about it incident. Kirk brought Jesus and insisted that he sparred with Sifu, Jesus closed in and in a flash he fell back like a log of wood and was knocked out. Kirk who was an ambulance driver, performed CPR on Jesus. After waking up, Jesus said all he remembered was a powerful punch landing on his face. Sifu said he used the Pak Sao technique. I could not see it because it was too fast. I wished I could have seen it again. I saw a class of 30 people in which there was only two students, Choy and Jason who could use Sifu's Pak Sao technique. He taught me a lot about principles which were very sophisticated for me. I understood only part of what he said and showed me.

We called Sifu Tom Wong the "Magician" after some interesting incidents. One day I was with Sifu in my backyard. I was trying to impress him by climbing a tree without using my legs and doing one arm pull-ups on steel bar. He said he was impressed. Suddenly he grabbed a screwdriver and threw it right through my old aquarium like a bullet without shattering the glass! I was very amazed. Another time, he used chi-gung to heal my coworker's long time back pain. My friend said, "what kind of magic is that? Wow! Your Sifu is like a magician"! From there on Sifu Tom Wong became the Magician.

Sifu Danniel teaches a few selected students at his home in San Diego, CA. You can contact Danniel Gomez at [email protected]